A WebDataBaseSource is an abstraction of a ResultSet (JDBC ResultSet) with a graphical representation for navigating and changing the datasets.. The WebDataBaseSource needs a WebConnection to work.


Here is a description how to work with a sample WebDataBaseSource:

Add a WebDataBaseSource to a WebForm or a WebPanel. You should have put and configured a WebConnection on that class before. First select the connection Property and select one of the available WebConnections from the drop down list. Secondly type a select statement into the sqlStatement Property. As soon as you hit Return the WebDataBaseSource will be populated with data.

Now we add some components that display the data of the WebDataBaseSource. Lets start with a WebLabel and a WebText, adding them somewhere on the WebForm. In the property editor you have to select the webDataSource first. The dataField Propery will then be populated with all available columns from the dataset. As soon as you choose a column the value of the dataset will be displayed in the WebText. The data in the databound field may be edited, the dataset updated and browsed by the appropriate icons.

The navigation is disabled (== doesn't work) in the Design Editor..

For testing and debugging purposes you can easily launch any WebForm in a Browser window by selecting "Run as" -> "W4 Toolkit Application" from the "Run" Menu of Eclipse.. More information is available here.

API documentation

The API documentation for WebDataBaseSource can be found here.