Widget Selector

The Widget Selector (right above the Editor) is used when composing user interfaces visually (in the Designer part of the editor). From it you select components to add them to the WebForm or WebPanel you are currently working on.

Once you have selected a component in the Widget Selector, it remains selected until you have added the selected component to the form or panel.

The Widget Selector is disabled whenever the editor is not in the Designer mode.

Predefined components on the Widget Selector

The standard components of W4 Toolkit as well as a set of custom components are already configured on the Widget Selector by default. However, you can add your own components (as long as they extend com.w4t.WebPanel) to the selector - see below.

The Widget Selector is divided into sections which can be switched by clicking the register tabs:

Add your own components to the Widget Selector

Whenever you have composed a panel with some set of components (especially configured etc.) and would like to re-use it as a user-defined component, you can add it to the Widget Selector and use it from the W4T Eclipse environment exactly as if it were a standard component.

To add a component, open it in the W4T Eclipse editor. You will see the toolbar button for adding components enabled:

In the dialog, you are asked for the name of the card to which the new user-defined component will belong (If you specify a name that has not been used so far, a new card will be created). You also can select a image (located under the project directory the widget belongs to) representing your user-defined component.

Press Finish - the component has been added to the selector now.

To remove a user-defined component select it and push the remove button of the Widget Selectors toolbar.

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