The Toolbox is located on the upper right of the workbench:

It provides functionality to delete, copy, cut and paste W4 Toolkit components which are already somewhere on the Designer part of the W4T Eclipse editor.

Simply select a component from the Outline View (on the bottom left side) and press the delete, copy or cut button on the Toolbox.

When copying (or cutting-pasting), you can now set the copied (or cut) component into any area of the Designer. (Select one of the colored area handle buttons in the editor.) You can repeat this procedure, effectively cloning components. If you don't want to paste any more, click the select button (the button with the arrow image). You can now select an area again without putting a component clone into it.

Note: whenever you want to delete or move a visible component, you should do it in the way described above. In particular, you should not manipulate the source code outside the tags for user-defined code and user-defined event code, and you should not use functionality from the context menus in the Outline View on components.

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