W4 Toolkit Project

Applications developed with W4T Eclipse should be organized in W4 Toolkit projects, which provide a basic directory structure that comes in useful for later deployments.

Basically, W4 Toolkit projects are Java projects with some additions, so there is nothing you would have to miss from the Java development tools you are familiar with.

W4 Toolkit projects contain by default a WEB-INF/classes/ directory which is set as output directory (as specified in the Java Servlet Specification), and all W4 Toolkit libraries you need for development with the visual design tool. They are configured to contain the latest version of the libraries contained in the W4T Eclipse plugin. When exporting your application (look here for more details), these libraries are automatically packaged into your .war archive.

How to create a new W4 Toolkit project

For W4 Toolkit projects, there is a project creation wizard similar to the wizard for Java projects. You find it either by selecting File >New > Project or by right-clicking into the Navigator or Package Explorer and selecting New > Project.

In the wizard, choose W4 Toolkit on the left and W4 Toolkit Project on the right side:

Specify a project name and (as is recommended) a source path for your project.

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