W4T Eclipse uses an internal server (named W4WARP) to launch web applications from within the Eclipse IDE.


Instead of a class with a static main() method, the launcher needs to know a class that is a subclass of WebForm to run it.

Select one in the Package Explorer and choose from the menu Run > Run As ... > W4 Toolkit Application. The external browser opens in a new window and shows the WebForm. (Of course the external browser must be specified - see the Configurations section below.)

After you have run a WebForm once, a shortcut to that particular launch configuration has been added to the Run menu, you can relaunch the same form again from that shortcut.


Similarly to running a WebForm you can debug it - simply choose Debug As ... instead of Run As .... You can set breakpoints and single-step through the application as usual.


From the menu Window > Preferences you get into the standard preferences dialog, which has a section with W4T Eclipse specific preference pages. The settings for the server are on the W4WARP page.

To launch a WebForm in an external browser, it is necessary that you specify the path to the browser in the preferences dialog. Browse to the executable of your favourite browser.

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