Workbench contributions (menu and toolbar)

W4T Eclipse contributes some menu items and toolbar buttons to the Eclipse workbench.

Import W4 Toolkit License

W4T Eclipse uses the W4 Toolkit library. For development purposes, a free trial version of the library is included in the plugin. If you have purchased a development license, you can apply that license to the copy of the library running with W4T Eclipse.

In the license dialog, browse to the .zip file you received by E-Mail or which you downloaded. You can also drag it from a file system explorer to the textfield of the dialog. Press Next and Finish. It may be necessary to restart the workbench in order to let the new license take effect.

See for more information about licensing the library.

Add to Widget Selector

With this button you can add user-defined components to the Widget Selector. Note that a component must extend com.w4t.WebPanel and the W4T Eclipse editor must be opened in Designer mode and also be active (selected) in order to have the button enabled.

Reload Content

When visually designing, you can use this button to reload the contents of the current editor, especially if it contains a user-defined component which has changed meanwhile.

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