Examples guide

The W4T Eclipse feature contains an example application that demonstrates many of the features of W4 Toolkit and W4T Eclipse. The example application, along with its complete source code, is included in W4T Eclipse as a packaged Eclipse project.

This document describes how to:

Installing the example application

The example application comes as a complete W4 Toolkit project which can be imported easily into your workspace:

Running the example application

You can run (and also debug, as with every Java program) the example application right from the Eclipse project:

Deploying the example application

The example application is a web application which has the necessary directory structure to simply package it into a web application archive (.war-file) and deploy it to any application server that complies to the Java Servlet specification 2.2. or higher.

There is an export wizard that simplifies this task even more for you.

Enjoy and start planning your next web application :-)

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