New Features and Changes (2004-01-19)

W4T Eclipse (1.5.0):

- update of W4WARP which fixes a bug in the servers static file cache which
  occured after a win2k security update
- bugfix: in the code generation for com.w4t.WindowProperties

W4T (2.4.0)

- improvements to allow the creation of widgets seperately from 
  the w4toolkit base library
- bugfix: StackOverflowError when disabling a WebCheckBox


- new example project: this shows how to create w4toolkit widgets
  separately from the w4toolkit base library. The example shows the
  development of a widget which provides a userfriendly way of selecting
  date and time (still in work!).

New Features and Changes in RC 5 (2003-11-24)

W4T Eclipse (1.4.0):

- bugfix: solved problems adding project local libraries to the
  localhost servers classpath

W4T (2.3.0)

- introduced ignoreLocalStyles setting in the interface of 
  com.w4t.SimpleComponent. This is used for situations in which
  style settings and css class settings collide.
- bugfix: wrong event methods were called when having more than 
  one WebCardLayout (or CTabbedPane) on a WebForm


- We have started to add more specific information to many of
  the settings that explicitly affect the rendered HTML, JavaScript etc. 
  output (like in com.w4t.WindowProperties). This will be continued in 
  later releases.

New Features and Changes in RC 4 (2003-11-21)

W4T Eclipse (1.3.0):

- bugfix: solved launch problems if no W4T Editor has been opened 
- localhost server (W4WARP) handles session tracking with URL-Rewriting if
  cookies are not accepted.

W4T (2.2.0)

- new component: CItemList, for creating ordered and unordered
  lists (encapsulates the HTML <ul> and <ol> tags)
- bugfix: wrong event methods were called when having more than 
  one WebCardLayout (or CTabbedPane) on a WebForm
- bugfix: reference to menu item or toolbar button was not correctly
  assigned in CMenu and CToolBar commands
- bugfix: nothing happened when setting the indexed cssFile 
  property on WebForm (WebForm.setCssFile( String[] )
- universal attributes (css class, direction etc.) were not rendered
  on container components
- setName() on web components validates the name attribute (must be 
  correct Java identifier)

New Features and Changes in RC 3 (2003-11-14)

W4T Eclipse (1.2.0)

- property customizer for internationalized Strings in W4T UIs
- generic property selectors for Interface-typed properties
- supports the W4T Validation API
- Eclipse product extensions support
- Regular expression validation (using Jakarta ORO) support 
  from W4TEclipse
- improved custom component management (WidgetSelector)
- more configurability for deployment wizard
- several bugs fixed

W4T (2.1.0):

- I18n (Internationalization) support for W4T user interfaces:
  User interface components accept a reference to an entry in
  a (localized) property file as their display value
- integration of css stylesheets in W4T WebForms
- reduced the size of generated HTML code
- optimized common JavaScript libraries (reduced network traffic)
- WebForms opened in new browser windows can be centered on 
  the screen (thx Andreas :-)
- several bugs fixed


- there are some new Howtos and tutorials in the Eclipse
  Help for W4TEclipse (EHW):
  - Validation API and how to use it in W4TEclipse
  - Tutorial and sources for a reusable dynamic TreeViewer 
  - I18n Howto
- The Example application uses i18n and the TreeViewer 
  architecture (see tutorials above)
- Technical FAQs from the Forums are included
  in the EHW
- the latest EHW is now available from the 
  website or directly:

New Features and Changes in RC 2 (2003-08-27)

W4T Eclipse (1.1.1)

- New libraries: the bundle contains now the 
  latest versions of Apache Xerces (2.5.0) and PoolMan (1.22).
- performance enhancements: W4T Warp shuts down worker threads on restart
- Bugfixes include:
  - Problems when using the default package.
  - Message 'Could not start or restart ...' if 
    DB-Driver does not exist (anymore).
  - Error messages after a restart of W4T Warp, 
    when deleting, cutting and pasting components in the Design View

W4 Toolkit library (2.0.26)

- setting imageSetName works properly for single 
  items and branches in treeviews (com.w4t.dhtml.TreeView, 
  TreeNode and TreeLeaf). Images set on single node or leaf 
  were not displayed or not always displayed.
- improved handling for image sets on treeviews 
  (com.w4t.dhtml.TreeView, TreeNode and TreeLeaf): 
  images can be shared between image sets now. 
- W4T kills skimmer-threads on web application shutdown 
  (this is primarily an optimization for improved 
  cleanup behaviour for long-running applications 
  in productive environments).

Initial Release (RC 1, 2003-07-31)